Lovro Majer
Lovro Majer
Born in 1998, Lovro Majer is an impressive attacking midfielder, having pursued his talent and passion for football since he was a child.
Technically skilled, powerful and fast, Majer perfectly represents the archetype of a modern midfielder: he is adept at providing assistance, dribbling, shooting from all positions, covering the field and aggressively playing defense.
Majer has been compared by many to Ballon d'Or winner Luka Modric, both for his physical resemblance and the way he moves on the pitch. And indeed, Majer has never hid his admiration for the number 10 kit-wearer from Real Madrid - even having declared to be inspired by him. In 2010, at the age of 12, Lovro left the Dinamo youth academy to join NK Dubrava and then continued on to Zagreb’s NK Trnje in 2012. At 15, Lokomotiva Zagreb believed in his qualities and recruited him. There, in the right environment to grow and develop, young Majer refined his techniques and became even faster.
Name:  Lovro Majer
Nationality: Croatian
Club: VfL Wolfsburg
Birthday: 17.01.1998
Position:  Midfielder
Instagram: @lovromajer
By 2018, Majer was a well-rounded and mature footballer and he got noticed by the team close to his heart, that of his hometown. Dinamo signed him for €2.5 million and, after an initial year of adaptation where he had 10 league appearances and a goal, Majer became apoint of reference and the brains of the squad along with his teammate Dani Olmo. Majer was a constant figure in the Under 21 Croatian team, having made 16 appearances and 5 goals. He also made his debut in the national A selection witha match won 2-1 against Mexico.
Majer played first in the Champions League Qualifying phase in the second round against Saburtalo in 2019. Then, in his debut in the Champions League, he played in the last match against the legendary Manchester City. However, 20-21 is stacking up to be the season in which he truly shines. Lovro Majer used to play for Stade Rennes before moving to Bundesliga. Now he plays for Wolfsburg in the German championship.