Samuel Omorodion
Samuel Omorodion
Samuel amazes the fans not only for his massive body –at only 20 years old he’s almost 2 meters tall- but also for his unique and moving story that brought him from a small barrio in Melilla to being of the most valuable young players in the world in just a few months. Last summer, in the La Liga debut, his life changed when he scored the only goal in Granada’s defeat against Atletico Madrid: this was enough to make El Cholo Simeone fall in love with him and convincing the team to buy the future striker of Colchoneros just the day after.

Along with his undoubted strength on the field, Samu proved to have a very focused mind: his humble goal is not dreaming of fancy awards, but allowing his mother to give up her job in exchange of all the sacrifices she made for him. He remembers where he comes from, and this gives him the motivation to climb the path of success at his own pace, with the feet set on the ground. The future looks bright for Samuel: he’s already grown a lot in his freshman year in La Liga, and his market value was the fastest-growing among new talents. We can’t wait to see what comes next for him.
Name:  Samuel Omorodion Aghehowa
Nationality: Spanish/Nigerian
Club: Alavés/Atletico Madrid
Birthday: 05.05.2004
Position: Striker
Instagram: @samuelomorodion
Samu’s numbers are definitely set up to grow soon. In his first La Liga year, he became from being an unknown youngster moving to Grenada for 600k€ to a rising star worth 40M€. He played 33 official games scoring 9 goals and 1 assist (updated to May 2024), which is impressive considering he was only a 19 years old making his debut on one of the most important football leagues in the world. Thanks to his goals, Alavés was able to deliver a safe mid-rank position far from the relegation fight.